So it’s come to this…

Over the summer I was in a bookstore when I spotted a new children's book, It's a Book by Lane Smith. I didn't have to open it or read one page to know where the story was going. Yes, it's a book (a fantastic, smart, cheeky book that adults will love too, by the way) … Continue reading So it’s come to this…


Overactive Imaginations

Several years ago I read a book entitled Superstition by David Ambrose. It told the tale of a group of paranormal scientists and researchers who, in an experiment in group telepathy, brought into being the presence of a person who never existed, a person who they had created in their imagination. When they manifested him … Continue reading Overactive Imaginations

Puss in Boots

I think it all started with Puss in Boots. Or more specifically with Il gatto con gli stivali. This was the first book that I remember reading in Italian, come to think of it, it was the first book I remember reading on my own. It was to be the beginning of lifelong love of … Continue reading Puss in Boots