In Memoriam, Rufus

Last September Rufus ambled his way into my life. With his long, lanky Basset Hound body, his ground-grazing ears, and his insouciant air he found his way quickly into my heart as well. In part I was looking for someone to take care of--I was getting a little lonely without a dog around--and an older dog seemed … Continue reading In Memoriam, Rufus


Disquiet . . . -ing

I picked up the novella Disquiet by Julia Leigh, somewhat by accident. I was reading the description on the book's front flap in the bookstore when my phone rang and distracted me. When I made my way to the cashier the book was in the pile and I had paid for it before I even know … Continue reading Disquiet . . . -ing

Dinner in Barcelona

Dinner at eight is lovely. It's also been tradition in my family; sometime between 8:00 and 8:30 pm is when we have gathered at the table for dinner for as long as I can remember. I guess it's a carryover from our Italian culture. Inevitably we would take our time eating and talking around the … Continue reading Dinner in Barcelona

The Comfort Food Series, No. 4

Warm weather has finally arrived in the Northeast. It's always nice when spring shows up, but it's especially welcome when the mornings at the end of April still carry the possibility of frost, or even a thin layer of morning snow on your car. So now that it's sandal season in Saratoga, my comfort foods … Continue reading The Comfort Food Series, No. 4

Of Turkey, French Prayers, and Wii…

It's been several years since I've spent Thanksgiving with my family. And while I do believe that we should all be grateful and appreciate our blessings every day, I'm very happy to have a dedicated day to simply be with your nearest and dearest and enjoy each other's company. OK, it's not uncommon to hear … Continue reading Of Turkey, French Prayers, and Wii…