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Earlier today on the phone with a friend we started talking about superstitions, and the topic has been on my mind since. Sure, most of these  old wives’ tales seem silly, but honestly, I am a little superstitious sometimes. I’ll admit I won’t walk under a ladder if I can avoid it, and I am disappointed if a mirror breaks; but I rather like black cats and the number thirteen.

How many of these superstitions are you familiar with? Which ones do you believe?

  • Never put a hat on a bed
  • It’s bad luck if a black cat crosses your path
  • It’s bad luck to position your bed with the footboard facing the door
  • Never walk under a ladder
  • A broken mirror means 7 years bad luck
  • Rain on your wedding day will bring good luck to your marriage
  • It’s good luck if a bird “drops” on you
  • When your ears burn someone is talking about you
  • If you feel a chill someone has just walked over your grave
  • Elephants with their trunks turned up bring good luck
  • A horsehoe hung above the doorway brings good luck to the home, BUT
  • If a  horseshoe is hung upside down all the luck will run out
  • Killing a ladybug is bad luck
  • Spilling wine is good luck
  • If a broomstick falls, company’s coming

What old wives’ tales and superstitions do you know? Please share, I’d love to hear them!


2 thoughts on “Black Cats, Clover, Horseshoes, and Hats

  1. Fun post! I am always a little wary of Friday the 13th… probably because anything bad that happens, no matter how small, can be blamed on Friday the 13th. I never kill ladybugs, and I hope the bird dropping thing is true, cause it has happened to me twice….. 😉

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