Leaving JFK airport in NYC . . . hopefully!

Relatively speaking, this winter in the Virginia/D.C. area has been mild. Last year’s historic snowfalls make this winter seem practically balmy, but it seems that New York is getting the lion’s share of snow days this year. I left my home last Wednesday morning at 5:30 a.m. to head out to Las Vegas for some apartment hunting and work-related meetings. I drove to Dulles airpot with freezing rain falling over a thin layer of slush on the highway. The drive was less than twenty miles, but by the time I checked into the gate I felt spent from just driving in bad weather. I was flying JetBlue through NYC and the photo above was the scene that welcomed me in the Big Apple. I then began to worry that I wouldn’t even get out of the city. I was in a perfectly happy mood when I awoke, but just being enveloped by cold, wet weather, freezing temperatures, and potentially hazardous travel conditions was enough to cause a bit of anxiety. It was entirely too early in the morning to feel stressed over anything, and certainly not the weather.

Luckily, we were able to take off after an hour of de-icing on the tarmac, and somehow still managed to arrive in Las Vegas on time. So, hours after the freezing weather on the east coast, I arrived to almost seventy-degree-weather as I peeled off my winter layers on the rental car shuttle bus. Arriving at my hotel, I was welcomed with this view from my full wall of windows . . .


Hotel room view and a seventy-degree-January day in Las Vegas.

I felt recharged, reinvigorated, completely relaxed. Nothing had happened to give me this feeling. The only difference was the weather–the cloudless sky and the full sunshine. Things certainly are brighter when the sun is shining–both literally and figuratively.


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