The cold weather is keeping me hungry, so here we have installment number 2 of The Comfort Food Series.

The Hot Brown

The Hot Brown, at the Brown Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky

I’ll start with a new comfort food introduced to me in Kentucky. The Hot Brown. Created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, the open-faced Hot Brown combines turkey and bacon, topped with a rich, creamy, Mornay sauce. The combination is perfect; so good, you simply forget about any guilt. Lucky for us, the Brown Hotel is generous enough to share their recipe. Let me know what you think.



Living in Canada for a couple of years introduced me to Canadian culture, including one of my all-time favorite comfort foods, Poutine. This completely decadent dish can be found in many different incarnations, but the classic plate consists of a plate of fries with cheddar cheese curds, dressed with a chicken (or veal) based sauce, nicely baked in the oven. Another popular recipe (and one of my personal favorites) adds Montreal smoked meat as well, a wonderfully seasoned deli tradition. You can find poutine on the menu in delis, restaurants, diners, and on the street from mobile vendors. The recipes range from the simple to the more refined. You can find some history and recipes here, or just google it and enjoy!


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