I’m not sure where discovered this list, but I think it’s worth reviewing from time to time. It is entirely too easy to get caught up in our own lives and spin them into dramas worth of daytime TV. Mind, I don’t think it’s necessarily easy to see our own lives objectively, it’s probably near impossible. Near impossible. I’ve come to believe that anything is, in fact, possible. So let’s start from that premise.

1. Everyone feels like everyone else, just not at the same time. Something to bear in mind when you begin to lose patience for a friend in need. You’ve been there too, and likely will be again.

2. People are unpredictable. And, as the late Sydney Pollack‘s character said in the movie Michael Clayton, they are “f@*king incomprehensible…” at times. When you can’t figure someone out, stop trying. Maybe it will become clear in time, maybe you’re not ready to know yet. Whatever the case, just stop trying to understand, and relax.

3. Letting go is better than maintaining control. Well, this one is a tough one for me. For most people, I think. Let’s face it, even the least controlling among us likes things…the way they like them–who doesn’t? So when things are not going according to the plan we imagine, maybe we have to just go with the plan that is unfolding and see what happens. I believe there is a reason why things happen the way they do, and that wherever we are in any moment, is probably where we’re supposed to be.

4. Absolutely nothing good can come of overthinking things. Do I really need to explain why? Imaginations run entirely too wild when we think too much. Trust me, I know this firsthand. First off, overthinking just clouds the real issues, and in the long run, you’ve simply wasted time.


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