Is it just me, or have we completely lost sight of what the fourth Thursday in November is about? Don’t get me wrong, I like a great bargain just as much as the next girl. But I am not willing to pay with my integrity, no matter how big the sale.

I had never been shopping on Black Friday until about 5 years ago. My first and last time.  Awake and driving around south Florida at 4:45 am (I’d just driven my husband to work as I needed his car that day) I decided to pop into the Best Buy shopping center. They would be opening at 5:00 am, so I figured I’d be right on time. Ha.

As I drove around the parking lot I realized how wrong I was. The line for Best Buy extended the entire length of that side of the shopping center. I stared in disbelief. Truly, “why would anyone get here this early?”  was the only thing going through my mind. I had no idea…

I’m not shy and I do enjoy making conversation. So as I walked down toward the end of this never-ending queue, I began to ask people what time they arrived to begin their vigil at the Church of Electronica, aka Best Buy. To my sincere horror, I learned that the first eager shoppers arrived at 9:00 pm. The night before. Thanksgiving night. Apparently, this is not unusual. And this year, 2010, some stores actually opened earlier than five. Some opened at midnight. Midnight.

It seems that the concepts of thankfulness and appreciation have been entirely lost. What happened to all the supposed gratefulness of the Thursday? The appreciating what we have. The counting our blessings. Does no one realize the hypocrisy of this? Does no one realize that they will replace the iPod they buy this year with another one next year? Probably not.

Let’s not even get into what happens to people as they adopt the mob mentality which leads to trampling deaths and shopper’s rage.

It’s not a personal concern for me; I will never go out shopping on Black Friday. But with any luck stores will begin having more online sales on Black Friday which will keep people from rushing through pie and coffee and heading out to sit in a parking lot in lawn chair outside of Target for eight hours.

Better still, maybe retailers could just start serving dinner on Thursday.


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